Tosoh AIA-360 Automated Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer

September 8, 2011

We just aquired a Tosoh AIA-360 that’s used for a sophisticated immunoassay testing system at a great price.

Yokogawa AV8C Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Averaging Converter

August 17, 2009

I have a Yokogawa AV8C Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Averaging Converter with the ZR22G and 6 of the ZR22G sensing probes that are 6 1/2′ long. I would like to find someone who can provide me with the specification documents and/or user manuel for the AV8C.  For more information about the AV8C go to

Oxygen Concentration Analyzers

August 13, 2009

Yokogawa zirconia oxygen analyzers help achieve energy savings by monitoring combustion in a wide range of applications. They are found in electric power plants, but are often used in iron and steel production, oil and petrochemical, and ceramics industries. They can be used to monitor and control small and medium sized boilers and incinerators and help lower CO2, SOx, or NOx emissions that can attribute to global warming and air pollution. I would like to find someone with a user manual or has used the ZR22G 6.5 foot probe used in utility company power systems.

Surplus Sales Line new website

July 22, 2009

Surplus Sales Line has launched a new website at featuring used electronic test and measurement equipment. Some of the newest equipment listing is from Thermo Environmental Instruments, gas monitoring test equipment. See the state of the art environmental gas monitoring at Ozone analyzers, Chemiluminescence NOx analyzer, CO Analyzers, Pulsed Fluorescence SO2 and more. Thanks for visiting our new blog.